Water Heater Rebates

(Storage or Tankless, Energy Star Water Heaters or Boilers)

Must be Installed/Puchased after Jan 1, 2024


When replacing an electric/oil water heater or boiler with a new Energy Star, propane water heater or boiler, or installing in a new construction


When replacing an existing water heater or boiler with a new Energy Star, propane water heater or boiler

NEW Furnace Rebates

(Furnaces must be at least 40,000 BTUS & Energy Star)

Must be Installed/Purchased after Jun 1, 2024


When you replace an electric/oil furnace with a new Energy Star propane furnace, or installing in a new construction


When replacing an existing propane furnace with a new Energy Star propane furnace
Furnaces for commercial buildings, barns, garages, pool houses, sheds, etc. are not eligible for this rebate. 

Rebates Open to Any Michigan Resident

How to Apply:

  1. Contact a licensed installer of your choice to install your new Energy Star propane water heater.

  2. Fill out section 1 and 2 of the rebate application.

  3. Have your licensed installer fill out sections 3 and 4 of the rebate application.

  4. As the customer, you are responsible for providing a receipt of purchase as well as proof of Energy Star certification. 

  5. The homeowner, installer, or the propane supplier can submit the application between January 1, 2024 – December 31, 2024.

If there is no Energy Star label on your propane water heater or furnace, submit a copy of the unit’s specifications with the AFUE or UEF rating as proof of Energy Star.

Storage Tank Propane Water Heater

  • Less than 55 gallons: 0.64 UEF or greater.
  • More than 55 gallons: 0.78 UEF or greater.

Propane Boilers

  •  90% AFUE or greater.

Tankless/Instantaneous Propane Water Heater

  • 0.87 UEF or greater.


  • 95% AFUE or greater



Water Heater return on investment. Propane, standard and tankless, versus electric

* Unit costs vary by what make and model you choose to install in your home or business

All Propane Manufacturers Qualify for the Water Heater & Furnace Rebates

Below are a Sample of Manufacturers to Choose From

Water Heater Manufacturers

Box Store Rebate Centers

Michigan Propane

Propane is non-toxic. It doesn’t contaiminate air, soil or groundwater (EPA). Thousands of Michigan homes and businesses run on propane.

Propane is a low-emissions, low-cost fuel used by a variety of public and private fleets. There’s over 33,000 propane vehicles running on Michigan roads.

Propane is easy to use with minimal mess, making outdoor grilling fun. Try the delicious, seasonal recipes  featuring Michigan grown produce.

Propane is popular with food truck cooks and operators because it’s quick and efficient to create short-order masterpieces.

Propane is used in the cannabis industry by growers and processors to extract the oil and terpenes from plants. It doesn’t interfere with the plant’s qualities.

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