Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of Water Heater does the Rebate Cover?

  • Any New, Energy Star, standard propane water heater
  • Any New, Residential, Energy Star, boilers that heat water AND heat the home
  • Does NOT cover boilers that only heat the home

What does the Installer Incentive cover?
You received a $500 check when you install a new, Energy Star, Propane Water Heater WHEN YOU REPLACE an old electric, natural gas or fuel oil Water Heater unit or when you install in a new construction.

Can Installers do an install in 2022 even though the new Energy Star, Propane Water Heater was purchased in 2021?
Yes, installers can install appliance models from 2021 within the current year—2022.

I switched out an old propane water heater for a new Energy Star Propane unit for a customer, do I qualify for the rebate?
No. You only receive $500 when switching out an old Electric water heater to a new, Energy Star, Propane water heater.

Can the Installer perform the Propane Safety Check required for the Rebate?
Yes, as long as you the installer are Licensed in Michigan. Completed the safety check section of the application.

How do I send the application to the Michigan Propane Commission?
Email, fax or mail the application to the Commission. The info is located on the bottom of page 2 of the application.

I installed a lot of new, Energy Star, Propane Water Heaters this year and have not received $500. Do I still qualify?
Yes, you may go back to previous installs as long as they meet the criteria:

  • Installed within 2022
  • Replaced an old Electric Water Heater with a new, Energy Star, Propane Water Heater

Does the Installer check ($500) get written out to the installing company or the person installing the unit?
The check is made out to the installing company.

Does warranty work qualify for the rebate?
No, the unit needs to be a new purchase. Warranty work is a replacement of the original purchased unit and therefore does not qualify.

I am sub-contracted through a builder, but installed a propane water heater in the new home, can I qualify for the rebate?
For new-build homes, the builder qualifies for the rebate even though the work is subcontracted out. However, it is up to the builder who receives the check. 

What qualifies as a “New Construction” when I install a new, Energy Star propane water heater?
For an install to qualify as a “New Construction,” there must be no prior unit being replaced and proof of new propane lines being trenched must be provided. 

I installed a new, Energy Star propane water heater in a cabin, which is located in Michigan, but the primary residence of my customer is in a different state. Does my customer and I still qualify for the rebate?
Yes, fill out section 2 with your customer’s primary address but also make sure to include the installation address. 

I’m a Homeowner and Michigan Licensed Installer, do I get the Installer rebate if I install it myself?
Yes, if you’re the homeowner and a licensed installer and install the unit yourself, you qualify for ONLY the higher amount of the installer incentive ($500), NOT both the installer and homeowner rebate ($150 or $100).